In 1999, in a small studio a few steps from the “Piazzetta di Capri”, the artistic activity of Grazia and Marica Vozza came into being. Twin sisters, complementary doubles by nature.

In 2006, Grazia & Marica Vozza Gallery Store opened up in Via Fuorlovado, the heart of the most authentic craftsmanship on the island. Vigorously displayed in white niches on the walls of the shop under a lively bouganville are the jewels nely kept. Each of them collects moments of pure inspiration.

The austerity of black silver, the warmth of yellow gold, the strength of ebony wood and the energy of stones. A Moorish window, an unexpected frame in a Capri-style garden, inspires the Finestre di Luce collection.

Today, within easy reach of the main store, “Finestre di Luce” has become the new space where Carolina, Grazia’s daughter, shows all her creative freedom.
Since 2010 Grazia & Marica Vozza has been in New York with a small corner in Bergdorf Goodman.

In January 2018, on a picturesque Roman street, via Bocca di Leone, perfumed by the green of the gardens, loved by artists, painters and antique dealers, the designers opened their new boutique at number 55.

GRAZIA favors the expressiveness of the materials she uses: she chooses and combines stones matching them with gold and silver.

MARICA focuses on the details of any jewel that will be shaped.

Grazia is creations, Marica is concreteness.
Marica is helm, compass and route.

Grazia cuts through the waves.
They share a common point of view, a winning formula: complementarity, which is vital to balance and harmony.

A powerful bond, positive energy.
That’s how a distinctive handcraft comes to life.

A “made in Capri” style icon, declined in the feminine, which dresses, sign and enhances.

CAROLINA Di Donna, young face of the brand, takes her first steps in a natural way in a world she has been surrounded by since she was a child.

Deeply inspired by fashion, the ‘70s and the bohemian-chic style, her body jewelry bring a sense of sensuality to the uniqueness of the family brand.

A creative mind with a gypsy soul, her jewelry collection is a celebration of elegance and wild freedom.

A new generation, the same energy.

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